Behind The Scenes: Douglas Mpulo & Our Spekboom Hedge

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Design House Manufacturer, Equator - The Belt Factory, Sustainability, Sustainability Journey

Getting to the point of being ready to submit our factory building for Green Star certification took ten months of intense planning and seven months of retrofitting our building to be more sustainable. We are excited to be on track to achieving a four star Green Star certification from the Green Building Council of South Africa.

As part of this process, in March 2018 our Gardener, Douglas Mpulo planted 80 Spekboom saplings: “Very few things grow this easily”, he says.

By now, many of you would have heard of the miracle worker that is the Spekboom plant (Portulacaria afra). An indigenous evergreen that happens to be one of the best carbon sequestrators in the world. 

Spekboom not only improves the quality of the air that we breathe but they are also drought resistant and water wise – an absolute must in the drought prone southern African region. They are incredibly easy to grow, are edible and high in nutritional value, and can live up to 200 years.

In planting the Spekboom saplings, Douglas was preparing to grow a long Spekboom hedge in front of our new factory. Since planting, the hedge has grown well and, with frequent pruning and the Bokashi compost Douglas makes with our canteen food scraps to nourish the soil, a thick green wall is forming.

We wish to thank you, Douglas, for your continued dedication to Equator the Belt Factory™’s sustainability journey.