One of our sustainability heroes here at Equator – the Belt Factory™ is Nosipho Zulu who quietly but precisely manages all office area waste – from paper for recycling, to food scraps for composting, to general waste.

The management of waste is one of the most impactful daily tasks to keep us on track with a more sustainable operation of our factory building. The careful management of food waste is particularly important, as food waste not only has the capability to release carbon emissions in landfill sites but has the ability to ruin dry waste like paper and cardboard from recyclability. Our food waste is also used to create compost to aid the growth of our spekboom outside the premises. 

Our sustainability journey, including our work to certify as a 5 star Green Star rated factory, requires ongoing dedication and perseverance by trained staff. We would not be sustainable without passion and dedication to the cause like Nosipho offers: “After the sustainability training from Ecolution Consulting I understood the

importance of waste management and my role in it. I enjoy contributing to Equator’s sustainability,” she says.

Thank you, Nosipho for your continued dedication.