Behind the Scenes: Tanya & Nozipho in Product Development

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Accessories, Design House Manufacturer, Equator - The Belt Factory, Women, Womens Month

Meet Tanya & Nozipho, two team members who drive our sourcing department, product development and range building. Here is what they had to say about a typical day at work, and their experience working at Equator the Belt Factory™


I have been with the company for 12 years and over this time I have enjoyed learning various aspects within the business. I am part of the Product Development Team so building curated ranges catering specifically to each of our customer’s needs is what I enjoy most in my role.

Being part of a dynamic team of talented people makes this challenging industry worthwhile!


Being a sourcing trainee for the past 10 months at Equator has been the most thrilling yet educational experience. Everyday is a new learning moment, filled with constant growth and excitement. What I enjoy most is how my interest for supply chain has deepened – to now understanding how intricate the processes of final products are in stores that we see every day.  It takes teamwork to get things done, nothing is more enjoyable than watching people united and passionate in each important part they play within the company- and also significantly being a part of that, in my own way.

Thank you to Tanya and Nozipho for your ongoing contribution to making Equator the Belt Factory™ a success story.