Behind the Scenes with Vishal Ramdutt, Our Production Floor Supervisor, and his Team. Vishal Ramdutt has 18 years of manufacturing experience. Experience which he brings to the table each day at Equator – the Belt Factory™ with passion and purpose.  

“I love working with people and the challenge that supervising a big team brings,” says Vishal. ”I also love the fact that every day is a little bit different. Every day you are making a new style.” 

Vishal and his team are not only responsible for ensuring the craftsmanship and quality behind our products, but also aligning production processes with our aim to be more responsible, sustainable and circular in our approach.

“A big part of what we do as a team is reducing wastage in the production process,” says Vishal. The team is empowered through green and L.E.A.N training, as well as having dedicated systems for managing waste, whether that is dedicated place for small leather offcuts for reuse, the recycling, or the waste that unfortunately needs to go to landfill. Some other innovative processes to reduce waste include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking and returning (or donating / selling to NGOS and informal traders) hides with too many imperfections for the big brands we work with
  • Additional checks during the strapping and punching process and if any waste hide slips through, these are then used for belt cutouts, loops and flaps
  • Finding appropriate offcuts which can also be used for keyrings and other items

This is a key example of how the process of trying to design waste out of our operations, as well as effectively manage the waste we do have, takes the buy-in of each and every person.

Thank you Vishal and your team for all your hard work in making our work a success.