Goodman Langa has been with Equator – the Belt Factory™ since day 1 (20 years ago). His skill and dedication as a sample maker have been central to the growth of our business. 

Goodman creates all samples at Equator from start to finish, paying exquisite attention to detail and ensuring each sample reflects the needs of the customer:

“All production starts with a sample,” says Goodman. “Creating a quality sample product is how we show customers what is possible and what gets customers to place their order. One of the best things about my job is when we get a big order off of my sample, because each customer needs something different and I work really hard to make the customer happy.” 

On an average day, Goodman will make 10 samples in various sizes. “Sometimes this can be affected by material delivery delays or similar, but I always work within time constraints to ensure quality and deadline management remains,” says Goodman.

 Today Goodman has the help of automated machinery – but it wasn’t always that way. 

“When we started out I did everything a lot more manually” says Goodman. “We didn’t have the level of machinery we have today, and sometimes I used machinery that was not necessarily made specifically for belt production – like using a clicking track machine meant for shoes to cut holes in the belt.”

Over the years, as Equator grew, so did the technology, as well as our factory’s international footprint. In 2013, Equator became the African Affiliate to Randa, the world’s largest men’s accessories company.

“The partnership with Randa gave me the opportunity to go to Guatemala to learn from their factory to better shape a belt, how to fill and stitch it, and use just the right amount of glue,” says Goodman. “It took my skill to the next level.”

Goodman attests to the fact that his skills and knowledge have grown insurmountably over time. When asked about the greatest challenge faced in his day-to-day job he says: “I have come across many challenges over time. But I have worked so very hard that whatever problem I come across now, I simply tell myself that this is not the first time I have come across it. I know I have the answers in my experience.”

But it is not just experience that has come with Goodman’s 20 year career at Equator but also the fulfillment of being a part of something from the very beginning and watching it grow: 

“I am so very proud to be a part of taking a company from the bottom level to what it is today. I have gotten to work hand to hand with Leon and learned how to use communication to improve a business” says Goodman. “As the business grew I also started working hand to hand with others. I witnessed more people joining the company, and more people becoming breadwinners and being proud to support their families. This makes me very happy.”

Thank you Goodman for all that you do for Equator – the Belt Factory™!