Employees First

Optimised working conditions
We pride ourselves in having factory working conditions that are of a world class standard. We believe that it is essential that employees have a safe, clean and welcoming environment in which to work. LED lighting and skylights have been selected and placed to optimize daylight-harvesting to ensure all office and factory employees have a well-lit workspace. This minimizes eye strain, improves mood and productivity.
Improved air quality
We have taken care to ensure that the indoor air quality of our building is healthy for all of our employees. Low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, adhesives, and flooring materials were carefully selected and insulation was responsibly procured to be zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential).
Employee engagement and wellness
We have placed strategic signage around the facility in order to educate and engage our employees around our green interventions and goals. Our employees are being trained in a designated training facility whilst sustainability is being interwoven into our employee inductions and performance KPI’s.

We have also introduced a green team – a group of passionate employees who are responsible for leading the operational green initiatives amongst their colleagues based on our goals and targets.

Learnership and employee development
We provide opportunities for people from the community to do learnerships in our factory and develop skills e.g. a recent “time and motion study” exercise increased productivity by 21%.

We also take the development of our employees very seriously through the various training that we offer, but also through identifying employees who can be upskilled. All staff has access to computers in “pause” areas.