Our Green Journey Has Begun

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Sustainability, Sustainability Journey

Equator – The Belt Factory™ recently moved from Pinetown to a new 4 000+m² facility (previously a Frame Textiles fabric mill), which it has retrofitted to target a 4-star Green Star Certification for Existing Buildings, as part of its overall sustainability and ethical-producer journey. The submission for certification will be submitted to the Green Building Council of South Africa once all initiatives have been tested and twelve months of operating data have been captured.

“Becoming an ethical factory, and a sustainable company, is a complex endeavour. The check-list, as with any compliance, is long and arduous”, said Equator Managing Director, Leon Buhr. “In fact, Green is just one element of being sustainable and sustainable is just one element of being ethical; so we are taking a fairly multi-pronged approach around the building; it being green, our energy consumption, a productive work environment, air-quality, landscaping, VOC-free paints and furnishings, and ultimately throwing the net further and further in terms of pushing our suppliers to comply with ethical production and green facilities. Thankfully leading companies around the world are driving down this same path. Long-term we don’t see any other way, really”.

“We were warned by our consultants, Ecolution Consulting, that being green is a bandwagon. The first thing other manufacturers do when they see you are green is they jump on the bandwagon and claim sustainability – but it is so much more than a couple of Jojo tanks and a solar geyser and it costs money and time. We’re encouraged by how the Equator team have embraced the journey – without them it is not possible, and it has been a steep learning curve for all of us. It requires real and on-going engagement by everybody in the company”. 

We know the work to be more sustainable never ends. It takes ongoing innovation and commitment – and that excites us! Every day the bar gets raised. We work hard to ensure that behind our world class, South African made products are happy and healthy people, efficient operations, proud ethics and trade transparency.

Check out our drone footage of our new factory:

Watch the space to find out how Equator – The Belt Factory™ is setting the benchmark in design-house-manufacture and cementing its vision of being known as a place of craft and and a place of science.