Our Vision
Our vision is to be the belt supplier of choice for our partners by understanding and creating desirable products for the shopper.

Equator – The Belt Factory, is teaming with talented people who choose to make their belt manufacturing careers here.

Our People

From our products to the members of the Equator team – we like to keep it real! We value authenticity, individuality, and self-expression. The Equator family is 68% powered by women and we actively invest in the development of our community.
We believe that business is a balance between Human & Financial Capital for a mutually beneficial outcome. Our balanced approach has enabled us to craft mutually respectful relationships with our customers, our suppliers and our people.
Our Brands
Whether designing, manufacturing and distributing our product categories for our own brands or those of our local and international brand partners, we have one over-arching goal: to understand the relevant customer’s value equation with respect to our categories and to offer them the best choices. We do this with a deep understanding of trends, environment, materials and value of belt manufacturing.
More than the world’s largest men’s accessories company, Randa uses its scale as well as its expertise, to create and expand powerful brands and exceptional products. Randa collaborates with retailers, brands, and suppliers to innovate in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Founded in NYC in 1910, Randa has more than 100 years of institutional knowledge and continual transformation which we leverage to create success for our partners and ourselves. We do this by tracking and understanding changing consumer tastes, evolving channels of distribution, innovations in raw materials, processing consumer-behaviour data and readying for ever-increasing speed-to-market.

Since early 2013 Equator – The Belt Factory™ has been able to call itself the African Affiliate to Randa – a global power-house in accessories.