April couldn’t be a more fitting month for Equator – The Belt Factory™ to celebrate two decades of being a Place of Craft and a Place of Science™. 

April is Earth Month, as well as the month of Fashion Revolution Week, a week dedicated to coming together “as a global community to create a better fashion industry.”

What started off as a small business manufacturing dog collars, has turned into South Africa’s leading belt manufacturer, servicing some of South Africa’s top retail brands. Equator is a testament to what can be achieved in 20 years. The bold impact that is the result of many small, cumulative decisions.

Building a better fashion industry is something that has become incredibly important to Equator’s journey. In a letter penned to his younger self,  founding director, Leon Buhr reflected on some of the experience and learnings in two decades of leading Equator to what it is today. He mentions the importance of valuing and looking after employees; the power in diversity, the fact that “sustainability needs to inform every decision” and that “relationships and focus are your most powerful allies.”

In 2021, The Fashion Revolution Week theme is “Rights, Relationships & Revolution” highlighting the fact that “human rights and the rights of nature are interconnected and interdependent.” That we need a “radical shift in our relationships – our relationships with each other, with our clothes, within fashion supply chains and with the natural world.”

This could not be a more fitting ethos to enter the next twenty years with. Having launched our sustainability journey with the certification of our factory building and a plan going forward; having implemented a number of people-centered initiatives over the years; as well as the commitment to improve everyday, Equator is ready for the future of the fashion industry. One where people know the factory that makes their clothes and accessories. One where the manufacturer is as visible as the brand itself.