Since the arrival of Covid-19, when businesses such as Equator – the Belt Factory™ returned to work after lockdown, Philisiwe Hlatshwayo has been responsible for the important task of ensuring high-touch surfaces such as tables and light switches are sanitized multiple times a day. This, in addition to her regular routine of ensuring all areas of the factory are cleaned each work day.

“It has been difficult with Covid-19”, says Philisiwe. “But I work hard at my system and my time management to make sure I get through all my tasks, and that I do them well.”

Philisiwe has also been essential in the process of our factory moving successfully over to greener cleaning products. “In the beginning, I had to get used to the new products and remember to wear gloves because they are highly concentrated. But the green cleaning products actually work better than the products we were using before,” says Philisiwe. “Stains are removed easily and surfaces remain cleaner for longer. It also makes me feel good to know the products are better for my health, since I have to use them everyday.” 

Philisiwe started at Equator – the Belt Factory™ in 2018 and feels the work environment is her favourite part of coming into work every day. “I do also really enjoy my work and take great pride in what I do.”

Thank you Philisiwe for all  you do for Equator – the Belt Factory™.