Energy Efficiency

Smart metering

We make use of smart metering that records consumption of electric energy and water on a centralised, cloud-based platform. This information is used to establish trends, set targets and reduce consumption.
Hyper-efficient cooling
Heating and cooling is one of the most energy-intensive aspects of a building system. Our facility makes use of a cutting edge, energy-saving air-conditioning system in order to ensure that the cooling of selected spaces is as efficient and sustainable as possible whilst also letting in fresh air.
LED and lighting control
Our facility is 100% fitted out with LED lights and lighting control such as motion sensors and day-night switches. Our LEDs use an average of 75% less energy than standard incandescent lights and have a lifespan that is 20 times longer than traditional lights.
Natural daylighting
Our facility has been built using skylights in order to maximise the use of natural lighting. This reduces the amount of energy needed for lighting and has been proven to improve the mood and productivity of building occupants.
High performance glazed windows
In select locations, our facility has been fitted out with double glazed windows, which increases building insulation and reduces the loss of heat or conditioned air thereby reducing energy use. It also assists with blocking out noise.
General energy efficiency
There are a number of additional energy efficiency interventions we have implemented. These include efficient equipment and appliances, equipment run-time schedules and automatic door closures.