Equator Launches “Did You Know” Series

by | May 25, 2020 | Design House Manufacturer, Equator - The Belt Factory, KZN Invest, Sustainability, Sustainability Journey

As a business we have always been committed to responsible ways of working. Whether that be ensuring a world class working environment and happy space for our employees or our commitment to sourcing our materials responsibly.

However, as manufacturers, we pollute. So it’s important to acknowledge that we (and the fashion industry in general) is not currently sustainable. Many companies make sweeping, emboldened and overstated claims in order to win customer support and appear more sustainable than they are. But we have decided to try a different approach.

Our Sustainability Journey 

About two years ago, we committed ourselves to a full-time sustainability journey. That means that we are working sustainability into every decision we make. We have short, medium and long-term plans with the long-term vision of achieving a carbon neutral and circular fashion economy. We are a long way from there but we are on our way. We believe that part of that journey is communicating our progress, sharing our lessons learned and areas where we still need to improve. 

Since getting started on this journey we have been implementing many technical and operational sustainability interventions. The areas of these interventions have included:

  • Employees first 
  • Water efficiency 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste management
  • Ethical sourcing
  • LEAN methodology
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Community upliftment 

Detailed information about our relevant sustainability interventions can be found on the Sustainability page of our website. 

Our commitment to Green Building Certification

We are also currently pursuing a Green Star Certification in order to certify our factory building. Green star will provide us with a third-party verification that we are operating the building in a sustainable way.

The certification will not be the end of our journey, but a very important stepping stone, showing we are on the right path toward our vision.

In line with this Green Star Certification target, we are launching a Did You Know series on our social media platforms to share what we have done so far to make our factory building as sustainable as possible. 

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More about Green Star?

Green Star is an “internationally recognised and trusted mark of quality for the design, construction and operation of buildings”. It provides an objective measurement for green buildings in South Africa and Africa to recognise and reward environmental leadership in the property industry. The Green Star tools are not just to certify, but exist also to help guide professionals in creating or renovating a better building for people and planet.