Ethical Sourcing

Leather Certifications
Oeko-Tex® certified recycled leather is a remarkably strong and comfortable product with years of use. Currently, up to 28% of our raw materials are made up of this product which includes leather made from off-cuts or re-used leather. Our aim is to continue increasing this percentage as much as possible. We are also focused on leather which utilises regulated tanning methods (certified by Leather Working Group and Reach).
Materials Innovations
In the past two years, the team have identified plant-based, plastic-free alternatives to the plastic (vegan) leathers which are often falsely marketed as eco-friendly solutions. We are currently working on products utilising this and aiming to make it more accessible to the market so that we can reduce our own plastic leather usage as much as possible.
By working closely with both leather and buckle suppliers in South Africa, we have managed to significantly reduce our material imports and increase locally produced materials in our supply chain. We aim to continue with our drive to localise our supply chain wherever possible.
Office Fit-out
Our office furniture and finishes were responsibly selected and procured to be made of sustainably sourced wood products, low-VOC paints and adhesives, and other locally sourced materials, in order to avoid carbon emissions related to shipping and travel plus ensure the health of our employees.
Green Cleaning
Independently certified cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid and floor cleaner are procured to ensure healthier employees and reduced environmental impact. This is especially beneficial for employees who work directly with the products, eliminating their exposure to harsh chemicals.